Soar two hundred feet high on the only zip tour over the River Ganges

What’s Included

  • Two sensational zip lines up to 400m long that catapult you across the white water rapids at Shivpuri, with unbelievable views of the Himalayan foothills, the mighty Ganga, and the rafting crews way down below.
  • Starts and finishes inside Snow Leopard Adventures, Shivpuri – 15m drive from Rishikesh
  • Two highly trained instructors that guide you throughout your zip tour
  • 45 minute experience that includes a 20 minute practice session before heading to the big zips
  • World class operator inspected annually to International Safety Standard EN15567

Types of Zip Line

Zip 1: White Water Flyer (400m)

Glide downstream over the rapids of The Ganges. Constructing this zip wire was our biggest challenge yet, but it was worth it! Put simply, this wire is regarded by many as one of the most spectacular and iconic zip wires in the world.

Zip 2: High Times (350m)

This zip wire flies you home at high speed 70m (230ft) above the river! Looking down at rafts the size of match boxes is sure to take your breath away…

About Flying Fox

Flying Fox was created in 2007 by Founder and Managing Director Jono Walter and his business partner Richard McCallum.

Here Jono tells the Flying Fox story:

“I have loved adventure and the great outdoors ever since my dad took me hiking in the British Lake District when I was 8 years old. Those early days scrambling up the rocks of Striding Edge, Crinkle Crags and Scafell Pike filled me with a passion for high places which has never left me.

The great English mountaineer and writer Frank Smythe – who visited India in the 1930s, made the first ascent of the 25,000ft peak Kamet in the Garhwal Himalayas and then “discovered” the famous Valley of the Flowers on his way down – put it perfectly when he wrote: “height is something precious, something that quickens life to a nobler rhythm.”

That feeling of your heart beating quicker, the thrill of being on high places, the sense of endless possibilities with the blue sky above and the view laid out below – that is what I love about climbing hills and mountains.

But let’s face it, the path down is a bore. Looking down at the track to avoid tripping, bone-shattering descents down slippery rocks, the sense of anticlimax. It’s not much fun. But if – instead of walking down – you could just fly off the top of the hill on a zip-line, how awesome would that be?

“But what exactly is it that you want to do?” asked Aman. “I want to fly you over your fort like a vulture”, I replied. “No, no”, said Aman, “I don’t want to fly like a vulture, I want to fly like a god!”.

This is what I felt when I found myself standing on the top of the Aravelli hills overlooking Neemrana Fort-Palace in the blistering heat of late May 1999. I was on honeymoon with my brand new gorgeous wife Charlotte and for some crazy reason I’d decided that Rajasthan in high summer would be fun…. I had a lot to learn about India! We had hiked up the hill to look at the fort on top. The hotel staff looked worried when I had suggested hiking up there. No-one did it. There was barely a path so we followed goat tracks. No-one was at the top except for a shepherd. But the view was so magnificent it stuck in my head.

Years later, we moved to India to live. I was working with the international Red Cross at the time and we arrived in Delhi just before the tsunami hit southern India and the region. The following year a massive earthquake hit Kashmir. I was kept pretty busy for a few years working on those disasters. But when the dust settled I decided it was time for a change in career. Something adventurous, something outdoors, something thrilling. But what?

I was inspired by a friend of mine who’d started Go Ape in Britain – a treetop adventure course with high-level crossings and zip lines – and he’d made a great success of it. I teamed up with Richard McCallum and Flying Fox was born. We’d been scouting around for months for the ideal location, when one morning I took a walk with Pradip Krishen to explore Mangarbani, a very beautiful and little known wooded valley at the south end of Delhi Ridge.

On that walk I met Aman Nath, owner of Neemrana Hotels. We had met back in 1999 on my honeymoon and we instantly renewed our friendship. I told Aman what I was thinking of doing but explained that I couldn’t find any suitable forests to do it in. He suggested I check out Neemrana, in case his hills held the potential for a different kind of adventure. “But what exactly is it that you want to do?” asked Aman. “I want to fly you over your fort like a vulture”, I replied. “No, no”, said Aman, “I don’t want to fly like a vulture, I want to fly like a god!”.

And so the Flying Fox dream became reality.

Q What is included in a zip tour?

Each tour consists of a safety brief and assessment on a small 15m zip wire, small amounts of trekking, and all zip wires at the location (e.g. 5 zips at Neemrana) as part of the package and included in the price.

During this tour you will be accompanied by two trained instructors and provided with all equipment & drinking water

Q How long does it take?

Rishikesh: 45-60 minutes. This includes 20 minutes for the safety briefing and a short hike between the 2 zip lines.

Q Who can do it?

All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy, measuring a minimum of 1.4 meters (4 feet 7 inches) tall, and must weigh less than 115kg (18 stones).

There is no age limit - Our oldest zipper was 84 years old!

Children under the age of 18 years may not participate in the Activities without their parent / guardian first signing a Flying Fox Disclaimer.

Children under 16 years must be supervised by a participating parent / guardian customer at all times on the tour, or by an adult with the express authority of the parent / guardian to supervise their child. Minors aged 16-17 years do not need to be supervised by a participating adult customer. A participating adult can supervise a maximum of 11 children per tour / session, subject to the express permission of the parents / guardians of those children.

If you have particular health concerns regarding this activity see the "Safety" section below.

Q Is it scary?

Yes & no... If you find bungee jumping or lion taming run of the mill, zip lining will probably not provide your adrenaline fix. If it's your first adventure experience however, you're likely to feel a little nervous.

Our favourite type of customers are those who challenge their fears, and our instructors are experts at supporting participants who find it hard. At least once a day we have a customer who overcomes a fear of heights - it's one of the reasons we love our job.

However, there is no question, no matter who you are or what you've done, it is great fun, beautiful and super safe.

Q Can I take my Camera?

Yes, and we can also provide you with a bag to carry it. You can also take a camera phone, although you must keep it on silent and not answer calls etc. However, you will not be able to take pictures or videos yourself whilst zipping.

Selfie sticks are not allowed as you need both hands whilst zipping.

To get the action shots pass your camera to your friend or our instructor.

Q How do I book a zip line tour?

Book online at using your credit or debit card - online bookings and payments are only accepted in advance, i.e. until midnight on the day before your zip line tour
For information on how to book or if you have questions you want answered before making a booking, call us on (+91) 98109 99390
For on the day bookings you can pay at our booking office in Neemrana Fort Palace and Mehrangarh Fort, by cash or credit card (Visa / Mastercard and Maestro only – not Annex, unfortunately)
Full rack rates apply for same day bookings - no advance discounts will be available on the same day

Q How safe is it?

Our zipline tour has been designed and constructed to international standards - each component has been tested to destruction to demonstrate a safety factor of 3, meaning everything is 3x stronger than it needs to be.
Every zip wire gets checked each day before use, each month by a senior instructor, every 3 months by head office and every year by an independent engineer
Our personal protective equipment (PPE) is made by Petzl of France, one of the world’s leading climbing brands. We check the PPE every day before use, with detailed checks every month by a senior instructor and every 3 months by head office
Our operations conform to EN-15567 – Europe’s latest standard for high ropes adventure courses which includes our instructor training and assessment standards. We have been inspected to this standard by international third party experts
All equipment is subject to daily safety checks before use
Our instructors are fully trained to European standards before the start of each season; they receive refresher training and have to pass a safety assessment every month during the season.
Every zip line tour is led by an instructor trained by an external third party in first aid. Every site manager is trained in Advanced Wilderness First Aid
Before starting the tour, each participant receives a comprehensive verbal and written safety brief, a safety demonstration plus the opportunity to practice with the equipment on a short low-level practice zip
Our head office conducts periodic risk assessments on each site to ensure all hazards are mitigated

Q What are the risks?

All adventurous activities, by their very nature, have an element of risk. At Flying Fox we take all reasonable measures to reduce these risks. We do this by conducting risk assessments on every single element of the zip tour.

At the beginning of each zip tour all customers are provided with a 'safety tips and advise' laminate which describes the risks involved but you can expect the following:

Hot weather! We provide water, but you shall be active and in the sun for up to 2 1/2 hours depending of the location of your tour
Mild exercise - the zip tour is not physically demanding but may involve a 10-15 minute trek up steep and rocky paths
Slips trips and falls - we operate in a wilderness environment The most important thing is to listen to your instructors and follow their advise.

Q What if I have a medical condition?

Our zip tour is fairly physically demanding and requires a degree of agility, strength and stamina, including hiking up hills and standing outside for up to 2.5 hours in often hot and humid conditions.
If participants have medical concerns, including but not limited to heart disease, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, vertigo, epilepsy, asthma or any other medical or physical condition which might be aggravated by the activities, they are advised to consult their doctor in advance of taking part in the activities.
Participants with an existing medical condition who wish to take part in the zip tour will be required to sign an Existing Medical Condition form to certify that they will not hold Flying Fox responsible for any medical condition triggered or aggravated by the activities.
Due to the physical nature of the zip tour, unfortunately pregnant women cannot participate. Flying Fox reserves the right to refuse entry if we have any concerns that a medical condition may be aggravated by the activity. Our site manager's decision on this is final.

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