Best snowfall locations in Uttarakhand

best snowfall locations in uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the first choices of the majority of people when they plan to enjoy their vacation. There are so many things special about this place because of its natural beauty and other such factors. Having limited time to spend is one of the most important reasons why you should have a proper plan before you visit someplace. Since the majority of people are already short on time, they always tend to have enough information about the place they have to visit. There is something special about the snowfall locations in Uttarakhand that such a large number of people love it. Take a look at the best snowfall locations in Uttarakhand.

Take a look at these if you love snowfall

We have handpicked some of the best locations that you should consider before you make the final decision for spending your holiday in Uttarakhand.


chopta weather

If you want to know the beauty and charm of this place, you should know that it is simply called the Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand. Those who dream of watching the majestic Himalayas covered in snow in the winter mornings will never find anything better than this. But that is not the only thing special about it, there are a lot more things worth enjoying. Chopta is so rich in wildlife that your senses will come to just another level once you get there.


munsiyari weather

This amazing village in Uttarakhand is popularly called the “little Kashmir” of this state. There is a large number of things about that place that attract a large number of tourists from all over India. Since it lies about 2290 meters above sea level, it experiences considerable snowfall to make your holiday worth remembering. This is just heaven for all those who love snow. Make sure you are well equipped to cope with the cold weather when you visit there.


dhanaulti weather

If you are a fan of hill stations, you must be aware of this one because it is one of the most beautiful hill stations in this state. Since it lies in the Garhwal Himalayan range, there is no doubt about its beauty from any angle. The biggest advantage that you get here is its location. The distance between this place and our National capital is easy to cover. That is the main reason why so many Delhites in particular, enjoy this amazing place during snowfall.


auli weather

It is already on the top of the list for those who like to spend time on hill stations. It serves as the prime location for all those who want to make their holiday adventurous and enjoy the romantic vibes. Apart from that, this place gets even more beautiful during snowfall. In fact, you will be able to know the beauty of nature in winters once you visit this place.

Final words

You must have got enough idea about the best snowfall locations in Uttarakhand. As you are already aware of the best places to visit during snowfall, you are going to have a memorable time during the upcoming holiday in Uttarakhand.

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